🥰 What makes people feel happy in winter-beautiful soymilk pot ————————————————————— In the past, when I was eating hot pot, I had to order the spicy pot and add extra spicy 🙈 But you must know that the heat of spicy hot pot is terrible 🤭 And every time I eat and drink a few bottles of mineral water, I can't quench my thirst... Today, let's eat a pot of soymilk pot without the heavy taste 🤤 If you don't try it, you can't really appreciate how delicious the soup base of this hot pot is. No need for any dipping sauce, just eat the sweetness of the ingredients themselves~ The recommended Chinese cabbage and enoki mushroom bell is the iron triangle combination 😍 I can drink three bowls of the soup base of the soymilk pot alone, no kidding! Required ingredients👇🏻 Soy Milk Pot Soup Base unsweetened soy milk chicken broth or water a chicken thigh Enoki mushroom Chinese cabbage slippery tofu mushroom prawn ball Any vegetable meat you like can be 1. Wash all vegetables and set aside, cut tofu into cubes. After the chicken thighs are deboned, fry the side with the chicken skin in a pan without oil. After the chicken oil is simmered, take it out and cut it into pieces. Fry the tofu with the remaining chicken oil in the pan until golden brown and set aside. (⚠️ Tofu I use Shanshui brand slippery tofu, the taste is between soft tofu and firm tofu, slippery tofu is not easy to break and the taste is not too old, just right) 2. Pour a bag of soy milk pot soup base into the pot, add an appropriate amount of sugar-free soy milk and a little chicken soup (if not, add water, I use chicken soup because I want the soup to be richer) two spoons of soy sauce, right amount of pepper, a little sesame oil, one spoon Season with salt and boil. 3. Put all the ingredients on the plate and pour it into the soup base to boil and it's done ✅ Soymilk pot is actually something that a pack of soup base can solve 😂 Simple fried chicken can be done by novices in the kitchen 👌🏻 Soy milk soup base is actually very, very low calorie It is very suitable for cooking vegetables when losing weight. It is delicious! The step without chicken legs is a very healthy and low-calorie hot pot It's enough to eat only vegetables and soup. It won't be salty after eating Very warm and delicious, soy milk itself is also very friendly to women The soup soup is the most nourishing. Hurry up and make it 🙈 # 燃烧卡路里大作战 # # 冬天就要吃点好 # # 团长群BO # # 温暖小家养成记 # # 亚米厨房 #
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🥰冬日里让人幸福感爆棚的——美肌豆乳锅 ————————————————————— 以前我是吃火锅必点麻辣锅还要额外加辣🙈 可要知道麻辣火锅的热量是不容小觑的可怕🤭 并且每次吃完喝几瓶矿泉水都解不了的渴… 今天抛开重口味来吃一锅养颜的豆乳锅吧🤤 不试试真的无法体会这个火锅的汤底有多鲜美 不需要任何蘸料就是吃食材本身的那种鲜甜~ 推荐大白菜金针菇响铃就是铁三角组合啊😍 光是豆乳锅的汤底我就能喝下三碗不开玩笑! 所需食材👇🏻 豆乳锅汤底 无糖豆浆 鸡汤或清水 一只鸡腿肉 金针菇 大白菜 滑豆腐 菌菇 大虾 丸子 任何你喜欢的蔬菜肉类都可以 1.所有蔬菜洗净备用,豆腐切块。鸡腿去骨后平底锅无油煎带鸡皮的那一面,煸出鸡油后即可取出切块,锅里剩下的鸡油煎豆腐至金黄备用。(⚠️ 豆腐我用的是山水牌的滑豆腐,口感在嫩豆腐与老豆腐之间,滑豆腐不易碎口感也不会太老正合适) 2.一袋豆乳锅汤底倒入锅中,加入适量无糖豆浆还有少许鸡汤(没有就加清水,我用鸡汤是想汤头更浓郁)两勺酱油,适量胡椒粉,少许香油,一勺盐调味煮开。 3.把所有食材摆盘倒入汤底煮开就完成✅ 豆乳锅其实就是一包汤底可以解决的事😂 炒鸡简单厨房小白都可以做得到👌🏻 豆乳汤底其实是非常非常低卡路里的 很适合减肥的时候用来煮蔬菜就很美味啊! 不做鸡腿那一步就是非常健康低卡的火锅了 只吃菜喝汤就很足够了吃完也不会齁咸齁咸的 很暖身又好吃豆浆本身也是对女性非常友好的 汤汤水水的最养人了赶紧动手做起来🙈 # 燃烧卡路里大作战 # # 冬天就要吃点好 # # 团长群BO # # 温暖小家养成记 # # 亚米厨房 #