Lroom Cafe ——— 🌸 pink spring ————————————————————— This is a cafe that is overflowing with girls' hearts near 14th St in New York 💕 It is a business that combines desserts and floral arrangements~ The design in the store is very pink, and every corner can make a big picture Because there were a lot of people when I went there, I didn't take pictures of the bad environment. There will be pink roses on every table 🌹 The desserts are also very delicate. It is said that the menu will be changed according to the season~ I'm totally punching in this Honey Toast haha 🙈 When it was served, I was really amazed by a huge marshmallow‼ ️ The decorations on it make people can't bear to open it 😂 It's so beautiful‼ ️ The toast is baked with honey and soy sauce, so it is full of aroma~ Made with vanilla 🌿 ice cream, condensed milk, blueberries, strawberries and other fruits The taste is very good, its appearance and connotation are all online~ The grapefruit-flavored Xiao Long Bao is very small and cute, even with "meat filling" They are all so delicate and realistic 💕 There is a layer of nuts underneath So the overall taste is not sweet and greasy, and the acidity of grapefruit is very good. There are only two of us so we didn't order too many other desserts. The toast is very big, one is very full even before I finish eating it 😂 They also have a cake box that can be taken away, so many people recommend it Interested fairies take advantage of the coming of spring to take pictures 📷 The rose wall at the entrance is also a good background for taking beautiful photos with a shapely shape💖 The address and location are also very superior, very suitable for afternoon tea gatherings # 趁着春光去旅行 # # 冬天就要吃点好 # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation24fb14c109944d18a1110
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Lroom Cafe ——— 🌸 粉色系的春天 —————————————————— 这是位于纽约14th St附近少女心泛滥的Cafe💕 它是一家以甜品与花艺结合的方式经营~ 店里的设计都非常粉色系每一个角落都能出大片 因为去的时候人挺多的所以坏境没怎么拍 每一张桌子上都会摆放着粉色玫瑰🌹 甜品也都很精致据说会按照季节更改变菜单哦~ 我完全是冲着这个Honey Toast去打卡的哈哈🙈 端上来的时候真的被惊艳到了超大一朵棉花糖‼️ 上面的装饰都让人不忍心去揭开它了😂太美了‼️ 吐司是用蜂蜜和酱油烤过的所以香气十足~ 搭配香草🌿冰淇淋炼乳蓝莓草莓等水果制成 味道很不错的它的颜值和内涵都通通在线哦~ 柚子味的小笼包做的非常的小巧可爱就连“肉馅” 都做的好精致很逼真的感觉💕底下有一层坚果 所以整体吃起来也不甜腻加上柚子的酸中和的很好 我们只有两个人所以没有多点其他甜品怕太多 吐司就非常大一个完全没吃完就已经很饱腹了😂 他们家还有蛋糕盒子可以带走的豆乳很多人推荐 感兴趣的小仙女们趁着春天要来了赶紧去拍照📷 门口的玫瑰花墙也是拗造型拍美照的好背景💖 地址位置也非常的优越很适合作为下午茶小聚 # 趁着春光去旅行 # # 冬天就要吃点好 # # 纽约吃喝玩乐 #