Expired Klass NMF Injection Reservoir Mask, daily cut off 🙁 ✨I don't know if I don't organize it, I am shocked when I organize it, I should have stocked up enough skin care products for two years! Accumulating like a mountain, hoarding goods is a kind of disease! This is not! I found the mask I wanted to use, but the expiration date has expired... I remember I bought it from a small skin care store when I went to New York the year before last; everyone said it was very useful, so I bought 2 boxes directly. Because I personally like the smear-type mask, I ignored the patch mask... I still have the SK-II ex-boyfriend's mask at home, and the Estee Lauder Iron Man mask has not been touched. ✨The moisturizing ability of the mask is still good, just apply it for 10-20 minutes, you will feel that the skin is hydrated and full, it is recommended to wash your face with water after applying the patch mask. I wonder if the expired mask can be used for feet, hands and body... It's a pity to throw it away! After all, I bought it with my own money, I feel bad 😢 # 什么值得买 # # 摸着良心来种草 # # 0Placeholder_for #esaay_translation178b5153b17b96468f6
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过期了的可莱丝NMF针剂水库面膜,日常舍断离🙁 ✨不整理不知道,一整理自己吓一跳,我的护肤品应该已经囤够两年了!堆积如山,囤货是种病!这不!找到了面膜本来想用的,一看保质期过期了…记得是前年去纽约玩的时候某个小护肤店买的;大家都说很好用,我当时直接买了2盒。因为我个人特别喜欢涂抹式的面膜,所以忽略了贴片面膜…家里还有SK-II前男友面膜,雅诗兰黛钢铁侠面膜都还没动呢。 ✨面膜补水能力还是可以的,敷10-20分钟即可,会觉得顿时肌肤水水的,很饱满,建议敷完贴片面膜也要用清水洗一下脸哦。想问过期面膜能不能拿来敷脚敷手敷身体呢…扔掉可惜啊!毕竟自己用钱买的,心疼😢 # 什么值得买 # # 摸着良心来种草 # # 私藏好货大曝光 #