🧸 Cute little boy pencil case👦🏻📝 🧸The pencil case from Da Taobao looks like a Japanese beverage bag, marked with the capacity and sugar content. It is fake and real, suitable for ghostly girls! 🧸The material is artificial leather and waterproof. It seems to have a large capacity, but because the shape is designed like a beverage bag, the left and right sides are flattened, and it is a little difficult to take out the stationery from the inside when you open the zipper, which is a small disadvantage. 🧸In addition to this style, there are other small snack pencil cases, you can find them directly on Taobao💕 # 温暖小家养成记 # # 国货种草愿望清单 #
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🧸奶萌奶萌的小男孩笔袋👦🏻📝 🧸来自大淘宝的笔袋,外表像个日本饮料包,标着容量呀糖分那些,以假乱真,适合鬼灵精怪的妹子! 🧸材质是人造皮可防水。看起来容量蛮大,但因为外形设计像饮料包,左右两边被压扁了,几时拉开拉链也有点难把文具从里边拿出来,这是个小缺点。 🧸除了这个款式还有别的小零食笔袋唷,大家直接到淘宝就可以搜到💕 # 温暖小家养成记 # # 国货种草愿望清单 #