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The largest Asian merchandise E-commerce platform of North America Asian brand North American retail preferred
Founded in 2013, Yamibuy.com is the largest Asian products shopping platform in North America with over 1,000,000 registered users and an annual sales of more than 100 million dollars at a growth rate of over 100% every year. Currently, an average of one in every 6 Chinese Americans is a registered user.

Last year,

Yami MKPL sellers' total turnover increased by

Development Path
The launching of Snack Product Page


Monthly sales exceeded $1.5 million


100,000 square feet warehouse with the automated logistics system.


The establishment of Yami Marketplace successfully transformed Yamibuy.com into a comprehensive platform


Ranked No.15 in the fastest growing companies in LA.


Monthly sales exceeded $8 million


Annual sales exceeded $50 million


The launching of direct oversea delivery business


CEO (Alex Zhou) won "The EY Entrepreneur of The Year 2017 in Greater Los Angeles Region"


Gained $10 million Venture Capital from GGV


Ranked No.170 on Inc.500|5000 list, No.12 among retail companies


On Double 11 promotion eve, daily sales exceeded $1 million and monthly sales exceeded $13 million


Ranked among the top 100 ecommerce companies worldwide


Officially launched business in Canada market


Double 11 promotional day exceeded 20,000 orders


Annual sales exceeded $100 million


Provide cross-border logistics integration soultions

Cooperation Brand
Uniform, Lee Kum Kee, South Korea CJ, KAO, Snow Show, Sekkisei,ZOUJIRUSHI, Korea Lotte and other thousands of well-known brands
Quality Customer Base

Over 1,000,000 registered users

from U.S., Canada, U.K., etc

1 in every 6 Chinese Americans is a registered user at Yamibuy.com
Monthly Visits
Montly New User Visits
Registered Users
Target Audience
30%Male 70%Female
Seller Privileges

Covering the United States of America, Canada, and the United Kingdom

Benefited from successful marketing cases with Yamibuy.com, sellers can build their own brand recognition in a global market.

Fast Contract Signing

Provideing guidance on agreements, tax forms, and other documents.

Easy Product Listing

With Yami Seller Portal and API, seller can easily mange product descriptions, inventories and orders.

Professional Team

Yami Account Managers offer one-on-one service customizing individual business plans for different sellers. Yami Customer Service offers 24/7 service in both Madarin and English to guarantee a high quality of cutomer experience with low cost.

Zero Cost

No prior investment. Providing new store launcing plan, competitive rate and other support.

Secure Transaction Platform

Risk-free transaction environment with PayPal, Credit Card, Alipay and Wechat pay.

Business Model

Multiple Business Models

Providing flexible warehouse logistics services

01. Drop-ship
After receiving an order from yamibuy, seller will pack and directly ship the products from their oversea or local warehouse to the customer. Seller is responsible to take care of logistics services and returns with the help of Yami Customer Service.
Sellers Fulfill the Orders
Customers Receive Order
02. Yami-China FC
Yami has a consolidation warehouse in China which collects multiple sellers' packages and combines to one order. Our Yami consolidation warehouse will directly ship the packages to our U.S customers, so it could help sellers effectively share consolidation fees(Middle mile+Last mile) and fulfill the orders from the US.
Sellers Fulfill the Orders
Consolidation Warehouse Receives the Packages
Consolidation Warehouse Fullfills the Orders
US Customers Receive the Orders
03. FBY
Sellers ship the products to Yami warehouse and Yami will store, pick, pack, ship and take care of customer services for these products. Individual sellers' products can share the same free shipping policy with Yami owned products.
Sellers ship the products to Yami warehouse
Yami stores and manages sellers' products
Customers purchase products through Yamibuy.com
Yami picks and packs products
Yami ships products to customers
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Personal Care

Household Cleaning



Clothing, Shoes and Bags


Home Appliance



Stationing Process
Simple. Easy. Fast.
With Yami Seller Portal, you can easily manage your orders , inventories, and sales promotions.

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