# 花式比童心 I bought it in a Japanese supermarket last weekend, ORION brand mini candy candy candy, a small 9g can is super cute. The small jelly beans and cola are full of flavor, but the disadvantage is that the lid cannot be closed, so it needs to be eaten at one time. It's quite hard to eat so much candy in one go😬. But great for sharing wow with friends! The little sister also said it was fun and delicious 😋 It's super cheap at $0.75 a can. I will buy it next time I see it. The bottle can be thrown to the moths for a few days and then thrown away, haha. than ❤️
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yami_featured_image # 花式比童心 ## 萌新报道 # # 百万积分第6季 # 上周末逛日本超市买到的,ORION牌迷你糖可乐罐砂糖果子,9g一小罐超级可爱。 小小的糖豆可乐味儿十足,缺点是盖子打开了合不上,要一次吃完。自己一口气吃这么多小糖还挺吃力的😬。但是很适合和朋友分享哇!小姐妹也说好玩好吃😋 超级便宜$0.75一罐,下次见到还要买,瓶子可以扔给蛾子玩几天再扔掉,哈哈。 比❤️