ST deodorant power limited edition cherry blossom flavor: good appearance, good taste, prefer sweet floral + peach flavor Bovine Lactate Alkali Gongjin Club Body Wash: The recently loved body wash, equipped with a foaming net, the shower is also like a bubble bath, and its foam is fine and thick, after foaming, rub it on the body like a cream, don't experience it Great :) If there is no foaming net, there will be a lot of foam, but it will not be as big as the cream... It is also easy to rinse off afterward, not greasy, but the skin may be a little dry in winter. The taste is great, it is a simple floral fragrance that is not sweet or greasy, more natural
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ST消臭力 限量版樱花味:颜值挺好,味道也不错,偏向甜甜的花香+桃子味 牛乳石碱共进社沐浴液:最近大爱的沐浴液,配上起泡网,淋浴也和泡泡澡似的,而且它的泡沫是细密厚实,起泡后像奶油一样搓在身上体验不要太好:)如果没有起泡网也会有很多泡沫只是不会像奶油那样一大坨一大坨…之后也很容易冲干净,不腻,不过可能冬天皮肤会有点干。味道超棒,是不甜不腻的简单花香,比较自然