# 为爱花钱 ## 被二哥种草了 # Pro-test super water-saving cotton pads that are not blue, this Unicharm! There is a dotted line in the middle of each two pieces, which is easy to tear apart. There are actually 80 pieces in a box. It is known as the most water-saving cotton pad. It is an excellent partner for applying toner. It does not pull on the skin. It has excellent water retention and water release capabilities. You can also apply toner to the entire face by tailoring, as shown in Figure 5.
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yami_featured_image # 为爱花钱 ## 被二哥种草了 # 亲测超省水化妆棉非蓝色这款尤妮佳啦!每两片中间有虚线,方便撕开,一盒其实是有80片,号称是最省水的化妆棉,适用了一下果真效果不错。 敷爽肤水绝佳搭档,不拉扯肌肤,保水和释水能力赞,还可以通过剪裁让全脸都敷上爽肤水,具体可见源于图五。