🌸Two weekends in a row for short trips, each for about 3 days. I didn’t want to bring a large tube of facial cleanser. I found this Omorovicza Travel Pack Foaming Cleanser in the stockpile, which was in the Omorovicza small set I bought before. One of them, I like it very much after using it, it is not tight after washing, it is very comfortable~ It also has the effect of removing makeup, and the cleaning ability is good. ☘️Product name: Omorovicza-Cleansing Foam, foam cleansing cream, known as Mint Cleansing Foam in China. ☘️Price: $80/5oz, $30/1.02oz ☘️Features: Gentle cleaning, removable sunscreen, suitable for sensitive skin, strong moisturizing ability. 🌸This cleanser has no soap base, the paste is light blue-green, the foam is not much but very dense, the fragrance is clear, and there is no mint feeling on the face, so it is called the mint cleanser because of its color… 🌸After washing the face, there is no fake slippery or rubbing feeling. What you can feel is that the skin is very moisturizing and tender to the touch; this cleanser contains copper gluconate to help regulate skin oil, purify and balance water and oil; it also contains White Lupin, which energizes the skin, and Apple Gum, which provides long-lasting hydration and restores suppleness. 🌸I have oily-combination skin, it feels very comfortable to use, it is very mild, and it washes very cleanly, but the price is not very beautiful, and I will consider repurchasing it if there is a discount in the future. Love skin care and love yourself~为爱花钱~ # 为爱花钱 #
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🌸连续两个周末短途游,每次也就3天左右,不愿意带着一大管洗面奶,在囤货中翻出了这支Omorovicza旅行装泡沫洁面膏,是之前买的Omorovicza小套装里的之一,使用后很喜欢,洗完不紧绷,特别舒服~还具有卸妆功效,清洁能力可以。 ☘️品名:Omorovicza-Cleansing Foam,泡沫洁面膏,国内被称为薄荷洁面。 ☘️价格:$80/5oz,$30/1.02oz ☘️特点:温和清洁,可卸防晒,敏感肌适用,保湿能力强。 🌸这款洁面无皂基,膏体是淡淡蓝绿色,泡沫不多但很绵密,清香味,上脸并没有薄荷感,所以被称为薄荷洁面是因为它的颜色… 🌸洗完脸并没有假滑或者搓盘感,能感觉到的是皮肤很保湿,摸上去也嫩嫩的;这款洁面含有葡萄糖酸铜,帮助调理肌肤油脂,净化同时水油平衡;还含有白色羽扇豆,为肌肤带来焕活能量;以及苹果胶,可提供长时间水润效果,恢复柔嫩度。 🌸我是混油皮,用着感觉很舒服,特别温和,洗的也很干净,但是价格方面不太美丽,以后打折的话会考虑回购。 爱护肤爱自己~为爱花钱~ # 为爱花钱 #