# 燃烧卡路里大作战 ## 被二哥种草了 # Punch Day 7 Low-fat nutritious breakfast of monkey mushroom rice thin I bought this one in black sesame flavor. This is my first time trying, super chicken jelly! There are 15 sachets in the package, and when poured out, there is a strong aroma of black sesame seeds. There is also a light rice fragrance. The texture is similar to cereal. When brewing, I brewed it for the first time, although I immersed it directly with boiling water according to the instructions, but the result of brewing was that some rice paste and soup were separated. I brewed it again later, reducing the amount of water and increasing the stirring. Strength and time, the effect is much smoother. Please see the comparison chart. This is the first time I have eaten rice noodles. It's a bit like black sesame porridge. It tastes basically nothing, so I added sugar and exclaimed that it was delicious! Instantly turns into a smooth black sesame paste! When a pack of breakfast is full, it is very nourishing. And the calories are only 130 calories. If you like sweet, remember to add sweetner instead of sugar, there is no extra calories~ I recommend it to everyone, and you must try it when the price is right! You can also send it to the elders for the holidays~
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yami_featured_image # 燃烧卡路里大作战 ## 被二哥种草了 # 打卡第7天 低脂营养早餐之猴菇米稀 我买的这款是黑芝麻味。这还是我第一次尝试,超鸡冻! 打开包装里面有15小袋,倒出来的时候有很浓的黑芝麻香。还有淡淡米香。质地和麦片很像。 冲泡的时候,我因为第一次泡,虽然按照说明直接用沸水泡了,但泡出来的效果还是有些米糊和汤分离,我后来又冲泡了一次,减少了水量,加大了搅拌力度和时间,出来效果顺滑多了。请大家看对比图。 米稀我还是第一次吃,有点像黑芝麻粥,味道上基本没什么味道,于是我加了糖,加完糖惊呼好好吃!立刻变成香滑的黑芝麻糊糊! 当早餐一包管饱,很养胃。而且热量只有130卡。如果喜欢甜记得加sweetner而不是糖,没有额外热量~ 推荐给大家,价格合适的时候一定要试试!过节送长辈也可以哦~