I choose it for dandruff↣Lu

My hair is coarse and greasy, with oily scalp and dry ends. I have used a lot of shampoos, including caviar.sea salt, etc. .Affordable and expensive are useful.I have been full in recent months Suffering from dandruff.I also tried headgear and it worked. .

I saw someone recommend Lulu. The Lu family is so popular, I have never tried it once. I bought it with the mentality of trying it out. I have used it several times..I like both.


▪️Lvlu focuses on oil control and anti-dandruff, and adjusts the balance of scalp oil.Silicone free formula. It is suitable for some large oil fields and the scalp with strong sebum..Its texture is a gel texture with particles, and then use It's very, very cool and comfortable

▪️After shampooing, the whole scalp feels very relaxed. Since it is a silicone-free formula, it may be a little astringent after washing, so it needs to be used together with a conditioner.


I have seen some girls say that they will be very dry after washing. I think this kind of shampoo with strong cleaning properties should be matched with other moisturizing shampoo. I used it together with the shampoo, and it should be better in general. I didn't find my hair very dry after using it.

Instead, the next day, my hair is fluffy and soft. If it's not a super invincible girl with dry hair, there should be no problem using it. Then the key is that the dandruff situation will improve a lot! I will always use it with other shampoos. # Million Points7Season # # 开学第一单 #

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反而第二天起来头发很蓬松很柔顺。如果不是超级无敌干性发质的妹子用着应该都不会有问题。然后关键是头皮屑的情况会好转很多!我会一直搭配其他洗发水用下去的. # 百万积分第7 # # 开学第一单 #