This is Ultra Fine Mascara!

💕thisinnisfreeSuperfine by my familyThe Queen of Foodies is for Strong Amway. She said it works great, works great! Then I can't buy it?😂

💕Open it immediately after receiving it. span>A bit confused.What about the brush head? ? ? I thought the brush head was short. I really haven't recovered yet! ! It was only later that I realized that it was really fine! ! ! Is it so fine that there is no sense of existence at all?.only25mm.< /span>Hahahaha! I cried myself stupidly.

💕The overall effect of brushing on the lashes is still very good.The heel that can be brushed is distinct.It also has a slender effect< /span>.No dark circles under the eyes temporarily.Super friendly for lower lashes.But the curl didn't meet my expectations. I have hard lashes.This brush immediately droops down😂😂.

💕So if you are looking for slimmer. You can buy it clearly! ! !

If the eyelashes are hard.If you pursue curling span>.This may not be very suitable!

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