One of the electrical appliances to enhance happiness - octopus ball machine

🌹🌹Yami's octopus ball machine can be listed as a model for my family 提升幸福感电器! Since the start of the game, the usage rate is really high, and the appearance rate is super high! Do not believe? Check my starting record——Before and after, is three already good? Why? Love because of love❤️ah🤣🤣I have used it well, and my family and friends have enjoyed it, so I bought it again for my family and friends, and I received a warm welcome. Is there a good choice for gifts?

🌹🌹It can be said that this octopus ball machine is a kitchen utensil that I will never idle. I have dried it several times, and the octopus I made🐙 have also been dried for small balls, delicious😋To bite the tongue one by one! Family and friends gather together and cooperate to make a plate of delicious meatballs, which can also enhance the relationship!

🌹🌹And this octopus ball machine can not only make octopus balls, don't forget it also comes with There's a roasting pan too! ! So today, instead of talking about how to use it to make the well-received octopus balls, today I will talk about how I use this grilling pan to grill meat, because I really think it is also first-class and easy to use!

🌹🌹This griddle is non-stick texture, let your imagination run wild, roast pork steaks great Shrimp and vegetables! Can bake anything! You can also make omelettes with pancakes and eggs! as you wish!

🌹🌹egCostcoBought the big pack of pork, which I often use to bake on the griddle of this octopus ball maker, it's so good! I will slice it into thin slices in advance and marinate it with a little soy sauce, cooking wine, and black pepper for a while.

🌹🌹After preheating the pan for a while, spray it with a little oil, then simply put Put the meat slices on the grill, flip them on both sides and bake for a few minutes. The operation is simple, but the taste is great. Once baked, one person can eat a large plate!

🌹🌹With some vegetables, a meal is so satisfying! Have you ever eaten like this, my friends?🤣🤣After seeing the pictures, my friends hurried to get a multi-purpose octopus Small ball machine! 🤣🤣

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