East Village - Satisfy Your Chinese Stomach (Part 2)

Spot Dessert Bar

How can this sweet city be without desserts! Spot Dessart BarOne of the most popular dessert shops in the Internet, it is in an inconspicuous location and accidentally missed, not big The shop is in the basement.The log-style design is very fresh (like the characteristics of the East Village). From the presentation, the ingredients are all There is a special feature, each dessert is refreshing, it is simply beautiful and delicious, sweet is right! There are also various pastries, cup cakes, macarons, and various beverages.Highly recommend matcha tiramisu, Shaped Berries, Golden Toast, Thai Milk Tea Caramel Bleu

Address:13 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003


Treasure of the town store-Chocolate Matcha Heart Volcanic Lava Cake, Ntake a look at the photos taken many years ago🙈 , take a spoonful of the crispy shell, this soft-hearted chocolate matcha immediately burst into the sauce, the warm chocolate sauce wrapped in green tea poured out, hurry up and take pictures, add Serve with slightly bitter matcha ice cream and mix with a spoonful of ice and fire, neutralizing the thick sweetness of the cake Perfect combination!


Xian Famous Food

There was a time when Xi'an famous food was famous in New York, and the restaurant in Chinatown was full every time I went to it, and every time I had to take it out< span class="s3">💔.I have never been in line since there was one in the East Village .I am used to eating dry hamburgers, light salads, and tired of hot pot. Here is the best Liangpi, known as Chinese burgers. The Roujiamo, as well as the hand-pulled noodles and the oily spicy sub..Many people think it is not good, but thousands of people are thousands of people. Taste, I like that one, maybe we are bosom friends?

Address:81 St. Marks Place, span>New York, NY


If you don't have any appetite, come to Xi'an Famous Food to order some sour, spicy and smooth Liangpi, and a cup of sour plum juice, to give your taste buds a thorough baptism! Only then can we continue to eat and drink.🙃.



Szechuan Mountain House-Szechuan Mountain House

Everyone is familiar with this Sichuan restaurant. From Farah Spring to East Village, it is said that the East Village has a lot of innovations. The shop has not eaten yet.This shop is on the second floor, so pay attention to the signboard, the decoration is very beautiful, Chinese-style decoration, the overall Antique people.

Address:23 Saint Marks Pl, New Yokr, NY


 Signature Cold Dishes span>-Clothing white meat must have a close-up! A special landscape, and now many restaurants can see this "shape". Pork belly and thin cucumber slices are placed on the "clothing pole". This dish has attracted many customers, including me. When eating, a piece of white meat and a piece of cucumber , dipped in the specially prepared red oil dipping sauce and garlic paste, it seems to be a simple and simple dish, it can be said to be the perfect combination of heavy taste and small freshness! Open to eat Open to eat I can't wait for this~~ there are only a few films If you shoot it again, it will be in the mouth of others!


Dry pot hand-shredded cabbage, order it every time you go, it's salty and spicy, crisp and sweet, appetizers increase appetite, healthy and not greasy! It's too delicious..Although I don’t know how to eat Sichuan cuisine, but the couple’s lung slices have such a great reputation, just follow along, authentic I don’t know what the taste is. It’s okay to have a single taste. Let’s have a pickled cabbage fish to detoxify the spicy, and a pineapple rice. This dinner everyone.🉑️< span class="s2">Satisfied?


How can a dinner be completed without dessert? Creamy Purple Potato Tart is a creative dessert created by Chuan Shanjia, you must try it!


In this all-encompassing city that never sleeps, the East Village, known as the "village in the city", has quiet and elegant streets, unique bookstores, cafes, Galleries, kiosks, gift shopsEvery time you open a store door, you will meet another New York accent, East Village, please put your feet down and feel it with your heart-New York-style attractions.Here gathers multi-cultural food with different styles. As the so-called street food goes to the end of the street, it is not difficult to find a favorite restaurant!

There are too many delicacies waiting for you to dig, and finally I want to say that in NYU< /span>I am really happy to go to school!

Hey! taste! Stomach! Urban Village grabs your stomach!

 # 地域美食攻略 #

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Spot Dessert Bar

在这甜蜜的城市怎能少了甜品呢!Spot Dessart Bar网红甜品店之一,在一处不起眼的位置一不小心就错过了,不大的店铺在地下室.原木风格的设计很清新(就像是东村的特色)从摆盘,食材都有一番特色,每道甜品都让人耳目一新,简直就是好看又好吃,甜就对了!这里还有各式糕点,杯子蛋糕,马卡龙,各式饮料.强烈推荐抹茶提拉米苏,造型莓果,黄金吐司,泰式奶茶焦糖布蕾……

地址:13 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003


镇店之宝-巧克力抹茶心火山熔岩蛋糕,N多年前拍的照片凑和着看一下🙈,脆硬的外壳一勺下去这份心太软巧克力抹茶立马崩裂爆酱,温热的巧克力酱裹着绿茶倾泻崩出来了,赶紧拍照吧,再加上微苦的抹茶冰淇淋,来一勺冰火融合,中和了蛋糕厚重的甜味 完美的结合!




地址:81 St. Marks PlaceNew York, NY





川山甲-Szechuan Mountain House


地址:23 Saint Marks Pl,New Yokr, NY


 招牌凉菜-晾衣白肉必须来个特写!一道特殊的风景线,现在很多餐馆都可以看到这个“造型”,五花肉和薄黄瓜片放在“晾衣杆”上,这道菜吸引了不少顾客也包括我,吃的时候一片白肉一片黄瓜,沾上独家调制的红油蘸汁和蒜泥,看似简简单单一道菜,可以说是重口味和小清新的完美结合了!开吃 开吃 这个不能等~~没几片啊 再拍下去就入他人之口了!









 # 地域美食攻略 #