Good-looking and delicious [Liuquan·Pink Looshi Powder]

Liuquan·New product packaging in the age of sailing. Pink snail powder.Pink is really a fansOld auntie.And the most interesting thing is that each ingredient is independent and small Packaging.And their names: Best 【Bamboo Shoots】Friends, 【Vinegar】Italian Hair, Miaobi【Shengsheng】 ] Flowers, ruthless [spicy], Xianshan [brine] water, with [rot] sharing, etc. span>10Package personality idioms..You can see what ingredients are at a glance.For this thoughtful packaging.For this beauty.Be sure to join us One pack! The key taste is always liked.

This noodle is dry rice noodle. and I The wet rice noodles introduced in this article are different.Dry rice noodles are best soaked in boiling water in advance10Cook in the pot after a few minutes.Otherwise it is easy to cook Paste.Although troublesome.But fortunately, it’s better to put rice noodles in this wayQbounce.< /span>Better taste.Instigation is more enjoyable~ p>

I gained a few pounds after eating tonight.I I'm going to watch the drama.I'm going to watch the super beautiful [Celebrating Yu Nian], bye bye~ p>

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柳全·大航海时代的新品包装.粉色螺狮粉.粉色系真的迷s老阿姨了.而且最有趣的是每种配料食材都是独立小包装.还有它们的名字呢:最佳【笋】友、【醋】意大发、妙笔【生】花、心狠手【辣】、 显山【卤】水、有【腐】同享等10包的个性成语..一看就可以知道是什么配料食材.为了这花心思的包装.为了这颜值.一定捧场来一包!重点味道一如既往的赞.