☻ ℝ𝕒𝕫𝕠𝕣𝕣𝕚 |Mini Portable Juicer🍓🍇🥝 As someone who doesn't like fruit, I've been in love with the juicer since I got it! I also bought a mini portable version of Vitamer before. but! ! It broke after I only used it a few times! 🤭 I just found a new love 😂 Buy it on Amazon~ I bought it and used it for nearly a month, and it really works! Because I have used the Vita before, there is a sharp contrast. The blade of Vita is connected with the bottle body and it is not easy to clean~ After a few uses, the bottle will have a peculiar smell, not to mention plastic products. And if the cleaning is improper, the position of the rotating bottle body is prone to dirt. Both the Vita and Razorri are portable and both are USB rechargeable. Both are juiced away but I prefer the latter. Because Razorri's blade and bottle are designed separately for easy cleaning. It is also easier to clean and the dirt that is not easy to remain on vegetables and fruits will be more hygienic. When using, the position of the bottle "Max" must be aligned with the button of the machine🔘! And press the button twice to start, otherwise the machine will not start to operate. And the time period is very long. I only charge it once a month after using it. The Razorri will be smaller than the Vita's R brand by exactly one cup. However, it only has one color to choose from. The real thing is a very light flesh pink. # 燃烧卡路里大作战 # # 提升幸福感电器 # # 温暖小厨房 # # 生活要有仪式感 # # 元气亚米红 #
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☻ ℝ𝕒𝕫𝕠𝕣𝕣𝕚 |迷你便携榨汁机🍓🍇🥝 不爱吃水果的我自从有了榨汁机就爱上了! 之前我也买过一款Vitamer的迷你便携款。 但是!!我只用过几次之后它就坏掉了!🤭 索性就又寻觅到一个新欢😂在Amazon购入~ 我买回来已经用了将近一个月的时间确实好用! 因为之前用过Vita所以就有了鲜明的对比。 Vita的刀片是和瓶身连在一起的不太好清洗~ 用过几次后瓶身就会出现异味何况是塑胶制品。 并且清洗不当的话旋转瓶身的位置容易产生污垢。 Vita和Razorri都是可便携式容量小都是USB充电。 两款都是可以榨好果汁带走的但我还是更喜欢后者。 因为Razorri的刀片和瓶身是分开设计的清洗方便。 也更容易清洗不容易残留蔬果的污垢会更卫生一些。 使用时瓶身“Max”的位置必须对准机器的按钮🔘! 并按两下按钮即可启动否则机器无法开始运作的。 而且时间的周期很长我用了快一个月才充电一次。 Razorri的容量会比Vita的小一些R牌正好一杯的量。 不过它只有一种颜色可选实物是很清淡的肉粉色。 # 燃烧卡路里大作战 # # 提升幸福感电器 # # 温暖小厨房 # # 生活要有仪式感 # # 元气亚米红 #