This time I received it really fast, only four days before and after. The original flavor of Qiaqia is my favorite. I bought five packs and eat it slowly at home. The Mimi shrimp strips are very crispy and fragrant. The small packet packaging is very good. The Lu shampoo set is very clean and smooth after washing, with a faint scent of traditional Chinese medicine. ,I quite like it. Korea 🇰🇷's on thebody shower gel 🧴 is very fragrant and comfortable. I haven't started using the hair coloring cream yet. I started it because of the good reviews. I'll post it after I've used it. Honeysuckle and cassia seeds flush with water to reduce fire and dampness
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yami_featured_image 这次真的好快就收到,前后才四天。洽洽原味是我的最爱,屯了五包宅家慢慢吃,咪咪虾条很脆又香,小包包装很赞👍,吕洗发套装洗完很干净又顺滑,有一股淡淡的中药香味,我挺喜欢的。韩国🇰🇷的on thebody 沐浴露🧴很香很舒服。染发膏还没开始用,我是看评价不错入手的,用了再来发表吧。金银花和决明子冲水喝降火去湿