As an old customer who has eaten this brand for four or five years, I would like to share the specific experience of use. My main purpose of taking enzymes is to maintain weight, which is to allow you to gain weight without guilt when you are guilt-free eating and drinking at night. If you simply want to lose nnn pounds by eating enzymes, it is recommended to move to GNC's L-carnitine 1. Price: Yami's price is considered a conscientious price, which is similar to the domestic or Japanese price. Sisters who are entangled in price can start with confidence~ 2. Taking time: I basically take it after eating supper. If I don’t eat supper, I don’t take enzymes. 3. Is it useful? This should be the biggest concern of many people... I see that many people have different reactions to enzymes. For me, it is useful, but not huge. He can make my weight not increase significantly the next day after eating a late night snack, but it definitely can't stand four meals a day, heavy oil, sugar and carbohydrates. Another useful thing about enzymes is that they can relieve bloating. Sometimes it is uncomfortable to eat too much bloating. After eating enzymes, you can obviously feel that digestion is faster. If you used to eat for five hours, then eat enzymes. After that, it takes about four hours from meal → digestion. The bloating also disappeared very quickly. Summarize: Is it worth buying? In terms of price, I think it's worth it, a box of 30-50 yuan, 30 packs in it, an average of one or two yuan per pack, but I think it's a very cost-effective thing to buy you to eat and drink for one night. Similarly, the kind like pola is not worth it (I can skip meals to save money!!!) suggestion: 💅🏻The girl who is of moderate weight and aims to maintain her weight can have a snack occasionally at night after buying it 💅🏻Girls who want to lose weight should not eat indulgently after buying it. It is best to use enzymes to adjust body digestion. 💅🏻Super invincible thin girl: buy a head! ! ! ! # 爱吃又想瘦 # # 燃烧卡路里大作战 # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation14b60afd90324babdc1a88c537f
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作为吃了这个牌子四五年的老客户想分享一下具体使用感受。我吃酵素的目的主要是保持体重,就是在你晚上大吃大喝很有罪恶感的时候可以让你的体重不罪恶的增加。如果单纯就想靠吃酵素减nnn磅的,建议移步GNC的左旋肉碱 1.价格:亚米的价格算是良心价了,跟国内或日代价格差不多,纠结价格的姐妹可以放心下手~ 2.服用时间:我基本都是在吃了夜宵之后服用,如果没吃夜宵也就不吃酵素了 3.有用么?这应该是很多人最关心的问题了…我看到很多人对于酵素的反应都不一样,对我来说,有用,但是没有巨大的用。他可以让我在吃了夜宵之后第二天体重没有明显的上涨,但是绝对架不住一天四顿顿顿重油重糖重碳水。酵素还有很有用的一点就是可以缓解腹胀,有时候吃多了腹胀的难受,吃了酵素之后可以明显的感受到消化变快了,如果以前是从吃饭→消化五个小时,那吃了酵素之后从吃饭→消化大概四个小时。腹胀也消失的很快,简直就是高配健胃消食片 总结: 值不值得买?按照价格来讲的话,我觉得是值得的,一盒30-50块钱,里面30包,平均一包一两块钱但是可以买你一晚上吃吃喝喝我觉得是很划算的一件事。同理像pola的那种就不值得(为了省钱我可以不吃饭!!!) 建议: 💅🏻体重适中,维持体重为目标的妹子买了之后可以偶尔晚上来个加餐了 💅🏻想要瘦身的妹子买了之后还是不可以放纵的吃,利用酵素来调整身体消化是最好的 💅🏻超级无敌瘦的妹子:买个头啊!!!! # 爱吃又想瘦 # # 燃烧卡路里大作战 # # 宅家变美大法 #