I saw Chongqing noodles in his house last night. Without hesitation, I quickly placed the order, but it was delivered to my house after dinner today... Then I kept thinking about it, and sure enough, I still started with it at night. Although I eat this kind of spicy food in the middle of the night, I may not be able to sleep, but if I don’t eat it, I can’t sleep even if I’m thinking about it. The troubles and worries of foodies Open the fire and cook it according to the tutorial without adding a lot of water. The result is a bit salty and spicy, but the taste is still very good. The dried radish is especially good [naughty] It is still recommended to soak it and not cook it, otherwise the noodles will be very soft# 即食美味 # # 温暖小厨房 #
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昨天夜里看到他家有重庆小面了 不带犹豫 赶紧下单 结果今天吃完晚饭它送到家了…… 然后就一直惦记着 果然夜宵还是对它下手了虽然大半夜吃这种麻辣很可能睡不着 但不吃的话 心里惦记着也睡不着啊 吃货的烦恼和惦记 开火煮起来 按照教程特地没加很多水 结果有点感觉咸辣了 口味还是很不错的 萝卜干特别赞[调皮] 还是建议泡着吃不要煮着吃 不然面会很软# 即食美味 # # 温暖小厨房 #