Check in in September. Yamibuy is really full of dry goods. The first spring silk series. Every purchase starts at 10+. Every noodle is good. Shanghai. Shandong. Henan. Sichuan and other local characteristics. Among them, our family's favorite is 【Henan·Hand-made noodles】 The price is also beautiful. One pack can cook for 4-5 people. More than one piece. It's really cheap. The taste is very similar to the noodles. But not the overcooked kind. So the little pot friends at home eat it. I usually cook the soup by myself. Add some green vegetables and poached eggs. The following article. Get it. Healthy and delicious...the kids enjoyed it. During the epidemic A must-have for home cabinets. Long term storage. # 2020新年flag #
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9月份打卡. 亚米网真的干货满满. 首推春丝系列.每次购买都是10+起. 每款面条都很不错. 上海.山东.河南.四川等各地特色. 其中我们一家子最爱的就是【河南·手擀面】 价格也美丽. 一包可以煮4-5人份呢.一块多. 实在太优惠. 口感很像面片一样.但是不是烂熟那种. 所以家里的小盆友们食用. 平常我都是自己煲好汤. 加点青菜荷包蛋.下面条.搞定. 健康又美味...孩子们都吃的开心. 疫情期间 家中橱柜必备单品. 长期存放.# 2020新年flag #