Today is Amy's day again

      I often add what I want to the shopping cart first, and then wait a few days to see if the things I am waiting for replenishment have arrived, and then buy them together. More and more items are out of stock😹 So don't wait any longer, buy these first. This time the logistics is really awesome, it arrived in one day, I can't believe my eyes
     Shenghetang Bulletproof Coffee Flavored Roasted Turtle is the second time I have repurchased it. It is really delicious and only has 130 calories, which is very low compared to other milk teas. An Muxi yogurt is really a small bottle, I will not repurchase it again. Recently, the Shake Tea is also very popular in real. I want to buy some and try it, but I read that there is a gift for buying three pieces, but I didn't receive the gift, so I'm a little disappointed! 😥

   The herb-flavored lemon slices are a little bitter, but overall they are delicious. I bought less seedless plum cakes. They are super delicious. I hope that the next time I buy them, the stock will not be out of stock! ~ The rest are yet to be tried, and will be written in the comments later, it's another day for Yami, a day full of snacks! ~Happy! ❤️

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