I'm not here! ! Really happy to receive Yami's express Today is a cloudy and rainy day without doing anything but eating what Yami ordered 😆 Eat a bread in the morning 🍞 with milk 🥛 Absolutely, the bread is just soft and the sweetness is just right, just like the comments said, it will not be too sweet at all At noon, I ate a bowl of real ramen [it was too ugly to put it aside] first boil the noodles and pour out the water and then boil new water, half-boiled egg + green onion + sausage + cheese is perfect egg liquid and noodles wrapped in cheese pull is happiness! Too busy to report and cook a self-heating hot pot 778 at night! The first time I ate it, it tasted better than I expected! I feel that it is better to be vegetarian than to have meat, after all, the quality of fast-food meat should not be very good. The lotus root slices and enoki mushroom shoots are delicious. I served it with rice, so I didn't eat much of the powder inside. I didn't want to waste a lot of leftovers. I heated it up and ate it again the next day! The epidemic is coming to an end, I really want to go out and eat barbecue hot pot with friends 😭# 今天也是yami的一天 #
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我这不就来了!!收亚米的快递真的幸福 今天阴雨天一天什么都没干就光吃亚米订的东西了😆 早晨吃个面包🍞配牛奶🥛绝了 面包软度刚好甜度也适当就跟评论说的一样完全不会很甜 中午吃了碗真拉面【拍的太丑了就不放了】先面煮一边把水倒掉再煮新的水,半熟的鸡蛋+葱+香肠+cheese简直完美 蛋液和cheese pull包裹的面条是幸福! 太忙了赶report晚上煮个自热火锅778!第一次吃比想象中的还好吃!感觉全素要比有肉好,毕竟速食的肉质量应该不太好。藕片金针菇笋都很好吃,自己配了米饭所以里面的粉没怎么吃,剩了很多不想浪费第二天热了一下又吃了一顿!疫情快结束吧我真的好想出门和朋友吃烤肉火锅😭# 今天也是yami的一天 #