# 2020亚米惊喜瞬间 # Push a leisurely snack. That is Sanyan Kumi·Yunong glutinous corn. Waxy corn tastes completely different from ordinary corn in American supermarkets. Just like its name. It tastes like sticky rice. Every bean is full of crystals. The bite is also super Q, super Q. Very chewy. Soft. This can be boiled. BBQ and Weibo. It's very convenient. There are details on the packaging on the back. In addition to "gnawing" directly. You can also use it to make soup. The taste is definitely delicious. And tell you oh. This is a low-fat whole grain. Not only healthy, but also lose weight~ It is nutritious and delicious at the same time. That's the reason to eat it!
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yami_featured_image # 2020亚米惊喜瞬间 # 推一款闲嘴零食.那就是三燕釜米·裕农糯玉米. 糯玉米和美国超市里的普通玉米口感是完全不一样的. 就如它的名字一样. 吃起来跟糯米饭口感很像. 每一颗豆都晶莹饱满. 咬起来也是超Q 超Q的. 很有嚼劲.软糯. 这款可以水煮.烧烤和微博. 很方便.背面的包装上都有详细介绍. 除了直接“啃”. 还可以用它来煲汤. 味道肯定鲜美. 而且跟你们说哦. 这种属于低脂粗粮. 不仅健康.还能减肥呢~ 饱腹的同时又有营养又好吃. 这就是吃它的理由了!