Spicy clear soup tomato pot, which pot is your favorite?


Speaking of which, the most surprising thing is that I have eaten hot pot more this year than the previous years combined!

As a person who can't eat spicy food, I can't eat the spicy soup base, but I feel that the clear soup is almost meaningless, and I don't like hot pot so lively, so I basically refuse to eat hot pot.

But since I got to know the tomato pot, I realized that the dishes cooked in the hot pot can be so delicious.

My favorite side dishes for the hot pot are all kinds of meatballs. In addition, I highly recommend the money belly. The soft and tender money belly is a treasure!

I personally think that the tomato pot is the most suitable for 100 pages of tofu and seafood. It is delicious without any dipping sauce.

After eating a few bases, I think it is still delicious from Haidilao. The tomato flavor is strong but not too sour, and the cooked ingredients are also very tasty.

Personally, I rarely eat hot pot meat slices. I think the starch balls taste more fragrant. If I want to eat it, I only eat mutton.

In addition to various dishes, the staple food of hot pot can not be less. Potato flour is very resistant to cooking and is not easy to rot. This potato flour was given by Koi last time, and it tastes very good! Cook lightly until translucent. Slippery but chewy.

The disadvantage is that it takes a long time to cook, so be patient!

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