# 开箱大吉 牛转钱坤 #刘一宝Xian Paomo ❤️Xian food you can eat at home🥰🥰 It's been a long time since I heard that Liu Yi has been making buns in Xi'an for a long time. Yami is often out of stock. My husband is so greedy that he finally bought it once. Let me show you how good this bowl of steamed buns is! A long time ago, I bought Lao Sun's mutton steamed buns, which were expensive and unpalatable, far from the ones in Xi'an. And this Liu Yibao Xi'an steamed bun has greatly changed my impression of instant steamed buns, because it is really delicious, and compared with other steamed buns, it has the following advantages: 💓 The bag is very full. In addition to the steamed buns, there are six types of buns: soup buns, oil buns, sugar and garlic buns, chili sauce buns, dehydrated vegetable buns, and vermicelli buns. 💓 The ingredients are very authentic. As a Northeasterner, my husband often eats candied garlic and thinks that its candied garlic is particularly delicious, but unfortunately there is only one, it would be better if there were more. The oil bag is very fragrant and the soup base is very fresh. The buns are very chewy, soaked and very smooth, and they taste good, but I think Xi'an people break the buns by themselves. The only downside is that there is no mutton, and there is no beef and mutton at home. It looks a bit vegetarian, but the taste is really good! Also, remember to add a little more water, it will be a little salty, especially the hot sauce can be less. There are two ways to eat it: Cooking method: Open all the ingredients (except sugar garlic and chili sauce packets) into the pot, add 300-400ml of water, stir, boil for about 2 minutes, and then serve. Microwave oven method: Open all the ingredients (except sugar, garlic and chili sauce) into a bowl, add 300-400ml of water, stir, put the bowl in the microwave, and heat for 3 minutes on high, then take it out and eat. Personally, I recommend the steaming method, which can better integrate the taste of the soup. Babies who like to eat Xi'an steamed buns should not miss their steamed buns!
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yami_featured_image # 开箱大吉 牛转钱坤 #刘一泡西安泡馍❤️在家就能吃到的西安美食🥰🥰 久闻刘一泡西安泡馍已久,亚米经常缺货,老公馋得不行,好不容易买到了一次,收到货就迫不及待地打开尝试了。让我带大家来看看这碗泡馍到底有多优秀! 很早以前买过老孙的羊肉泡馍,又贵又难吃,跟西安店里的远远不能比。 而这款刘一泡西安泡馍大大改变了我对于速食泡馍的印象,因为真的很好吃,跟别的泡馍比起来有以下几个优点: 💓料包很足。除了馍粒包以外,有六大料包: 汤包、油脂包、糖蒜包、辣酱包、脱水蔬菜包、粉丝包。 💓料包很地道。老公作为一个东北人,经常吃糖蒜,觉得它家糖蒜特别好吃,可惜只有一颗,要是多几颗就更好啦。油包很香,汤底很鲜。馍粒很有嚼头,泡开了又很顺滑,吃起来很爽,不过我看西安人都是自己掰馍的。 唯一的不足之处就是木有羊肉,家里也木有牛羊肉,看着素了点,不过味道确实很不错哦!还有就是加水记得多加一丢丢,会有点咸,尤其辣酱可以少放一点。 它家泡馍有两种吃法: 蒸煮法: 将所有料包(除糖蒜和辣酱包)打开倒入锅中,加入300-400ml清水,搅拌一下,大火煮沸后约2分钟,即可盛出食用。 微波炉法:将所有料包(除糖蒜和辣酱包)打开倒入碗中,加入300-400ml清水,搅拌一下,将碗放入微波炉中,高火3分钟,即可取出食用。 个人更推荐蒸煮法,能更好地融合汤的味道。 喜欢吃西安泡馍的宝宝们不要错过它家的泡馍哦!