Purchasing in the village is not easy, thanks to @美米网~ My home granary #yami snack cabinet#~ is divided into a beverage seasoning area, a daily seasoning area, and a snack barn. The upper layer of the beverage seasoning area is for milk, milk tea, Bryan's, etc.; The snack bin is always full and placed in the living room, and you can eat it while watching TV~ The last one was during the New Year’s Eve, and there was a party at home, so there were mostly drinks~
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村里采购不易,多亏@美国亚米网~ 晒晒我家粮仓 #亚米零食柜#~分为饮料调料区、日常调料区、零食仓。饮料调料区上层是牛奶、奶茶、白兰氏等;下层是各种火锅、川菜调料和一些粉面等干货。零食仓永远是装满满的放在客厅,看电视时吃~最后一张过年那会,家里开趴,所以饮料居多~