The fried noodles in Yiping nightclub is simply the gospel of the late night party. Whether it is working overtime in the middle of the night, writing papers all night, or breaking up and crying until dawn, it will satisfy the body and mind. The soy sauce is fresh and salty, and the mayo with a little mustard flavor is sweet and a little choking. Sprinkle seaweed powder and mix it well, add a soft-hearted egg. Surpass the late-night cafeteria anytime, anywhere! Panzi's supper companion for many years, sincerely recommend~
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一平夜店炒麵,簡直是深夜黨的福音. 無論是半夜加班,寫論文通宵,還是失戀流淚到天明,它都滿足身心. 醬油的鮮鹹,帶著些許芥末味的mayo,甜中帶一點嗆. 撒上海苔粉拌好,加一顆溏心蛋. 隨時隨地超越深夜食堂死貴死貴老壇酸菜麵呀!餅子多年的宵夜伴侶,誠意推介~