Finally let me eat 欧扎克, the inner cow is full of face😭 There have been gift boxes in China, but I didn't catch up. Yesterday, I happened to receive news that Yami had it, so I placed the order immediately. Place an order in the early morning and receive it in the afternoon. This is the fastest delivery from Yamibuy except for frozen products! ! ! At noon, I received an email saying that the poster was out of stock, and my heart was cold, but fortunately, I added another letter saying that the poster was shipped with the package. 生气啵啵 I have been looking for a long time in the Chinese Super League and I have not been able to find it I thought I missed it, but fortunately, Yami got in touch 欧扎克 and 生气啵啵, double happiness at once The corners of my mouth can't come down now Thank you Yami for making me have a happy day~ # 欧扎克 # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translationef00b64ca61145cba0e9135750e58b71 # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation23dcb1e95e57451f871a
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终于让我吃上欧扎克了,内牛满面😭 国内欧出过礼盒,但我没赶上,昨天碰巧收到消息说亚米有,就立刻下单了 凌晨下单,下午收货,这是除了冷冻商品外,亚米发货最快的一次!!! 中午的时候收到邮件说海报缺货,心哇凉哇凉的,还好后来又补了封说海报随包发货了 生气啵啵我在中超亚超找了很久,一直没找到 本以为无缘,还好亚米牵线 欧扎克和生气啵啵,一次拥有双重快乐 现在嘴角已经下不来了 感谢亚米让我拥有快乐的一天~ # 欧扎克 # # 生气啵啵 # # 亚米断货王 #