I saw a lot of people recommend this Guoshan Laocun pie before. I saw it in Yami and the price is quite cheap. The original price is 2.69 US dollars per bag. Generally speaking, the packaging bag is relatively simple in style. The packaging in paper pockets is environmentally friendly and has a more rustic feel, which is more in line with the name of Guoshan Lao Village. There is a transparent plastic shell inside to protect the mung bean pie. There are 6 round pie in total. You can feel the very soft texture of the pie when you pinch it. The mung bean pie was so much softer and the skin was thin and soft, which was unexpected and pleasantly surprising! It is soft to pinch, and of course it tastes soft. I baked it in a small oven at 400F for 10 minutes, and it tasted even better after it came out of the oven. The thin skin became crispy, and the overall taste improved a lot. 📣It is highly recommended to bake it before eating, it will give you a new world, and the deliciousness will be doubled! This round mung bean pie is also a good choice for Mid-Autumn Festival! # 亚米返校季 # # 2021赏月计划 #
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之前看很多人推荐这个过山老村牌馅饼,我在亚米看见了价格还挺便宜,原价2.69美元一袋。 包装袋总体来说风格比较简朴,纸质口袋的包装,环保,而且感觉更有乡村气息,比较配合过山老村的名字。 里面有个透明塑料壳子固定保护绿豆馅饼,一共6枚圆饼,轻轻一捏就能感到馅饼非常柔软的质地,特别柔软,和其他看起来类似的比如鲜花饼比较起来,这款绿豆馅饼柔软得多,皮又薄又软,出乎意料了,还蛮惊喜的! 捏起来柔软,当然吃起来也很柔软了,我用小烤箱400F烤了10分钟,出炉以后更好吃了,薄皮变得酥脆了,整体口感又提升了不少。 📣强烈推荐烤了再吃,会给你一片新天地,好吃度翻几倍! 中秋吃这个圆圆的绿豆馅饼也是不错的选择哦! # 亚米返校季 # # 2021赏月计划 #