#金高丽朝族大冷面 # # 秋天第一个开箱 # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation22dba505e2904c7f94169 This really refreshed my cognition of cold noodles How can it be so delicious 😋 Very tasty👍, super tasty👍 Sweet and sour soup not spicy at all Also very fragrant After the noodles are soaked in hot water Rinse several times with cold water tastes better All the seasoning packets are added The taste is just right, absolutely 👍 I think cucumber goes best with cold noodles must add cucumber Instantly feels super refreshing Add beef and boiled eggs You can add tomatoes and parsley if you like And it's a lot of noodles A bowl full!
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yami_featured_image # 金高丽朝族大冷面 # # 秋天第一个开箱 # # 2021赏月计划 # 这款真的是刷新了我对冷面的认知 怎么会这么的好吃😋 非常好吃👍,超级好吃👍 汤底酸酸甜甜的 完全不会辣 还特别特别香 面条热水中捞一遍后 冷水多冲洗几遍 吃起来更有劲道 调料包全部都加进去 味道刚刚好,绝了👍 我觉得跟冷面最搭的是黄瓜 一定要加黄瓜 瞬间感觉超级清爽 再加点牛肉、水煮蛋 喜欢的话还可以加点西红柿和香菜 而且这款面的份量很多 一碗管饱!