# 秋天第一个开箱 ## 即食美味 #Today I recommend Korean CJ Xijie's fast food - bean sprout soup rice ~ it is our favorite CJ Xijie quick meal. This bowl of bean sprouts soup and rice is 260 kcal, and it contains 🈶️ a box of instant rice, a packet of soup powder (with chopped green onion and red pepper in it) and a packet of bean sprouts soup (with real bean sprouts in it). I added the soup and soup powder to the bowl and added the edible water to the convex line in the bowl. I actually added more water over the convex line because I didn't want to eat too salty taste in the morning. I didn't follow the normal instructions on the bowl, I put the soup and rice in the microwave for 1 minute and 30 seconds, and then added the rice to the soup and mixed it, because that way the rice wouldn't become too sticky. There are some shredded red peppers in this soup and rice, which tastes a little spicy, but not too irritating. The little spicy taste can warm the spleen and stomach, eat the warm bean sprouts soup and rice, and warm up the body at once😉.
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yami_featured_image # 秋天第一个开箱 ## 即食美味 #今日推介一下韩国CJ希杰的速食-豆芽汤饭~它是我们最近吃的CJ希杰速食饭里最喜欢的! 这碗豆芽汤饭一碗🈶️260大卡,里面🈶️一盒即食饭,一包汤粉包(里面有葱花和红辣椒图)一包豆芽汤(里面真的🈶️豆芽)。我把汤和汤粉加入碗里加入食用水到碗内的凸线,我其实多加了水超过了凸线因为一早不想吃太咸的口味。我没有按照碗子上的写的正常操作,我把汤跟饭放进微波炉加热1分30秒,再把饭加入汤里拌一下,因为这样的话饭不会变得太粘稠。这个汤饭里有些红辣椒丝,吃起来带点点辣的味道,但不会过于刺激。小小的辣味能温暖一下脾胃,吃上暖呼呼的豆芽汤饭,一下子把身体暖和起来😉。