I have been using Meize face towel for more than half a year. Since I started using Meize face towel, I have completely said goodbye to the towel👋 The first time I bought it from Amazon, the little fairies planted grass 🌿. Later, I found out that YAMI also has it, so every time there is an event, I will stock up from time to time! 🧏‍♀️Product name: Mei Ze face towel Price: $9.5/pack Content: 90 cleansing wipes/pack 🧏‍♀️AB surface texture, A side raised pearl texture, better cleaning power! Smooth and smooth on the B side, delicate care for the skin. It is a combination of cleansing and skin care. Very effective in promoting facial dirt and gently promotes muscle absorption. 🧏‍♀️Flexible and thick, not easy to break when wet. The process of cross-laid netting does not easily drop the batt! It can be used several times, and you can wash your hands after washing your face. If you want to discard it after wiping your hands, you can wipe the countertop again. 🧏‍♀️ Very skin-friendly! Normal face wash, make up remover evenly apply! 🧏‍♀️Waterproof PE bag, not afraid of moisture! Seal the mouth, very hygienic! 🧏‍♀️Breakpoint design, one at a time. Extraction is also very convenient: push the core and it is easy to extract. If you use it, you will fall in love ❤️ and take a look at this seductive face value! Absolutely great value for money, the first choice for face wash! # 为所爱 放肆嗨 #
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用美则洗脸巾已经有大半年时间了,自从开始用美则洗脸巾,完全跟毛巾say goodbye啦👋 第一次购于Amazon 亚马逊 小仙女们种草🌿买的。后来发现YAMI 亚米 也有,所以每每有活动就会时不时的囤点货! 🧏‍♀️品名:美则洗脸巾 售价:$9.5/包 购入 含量:90抽洁面巾/包 🧏‍♀️AB面纹路,A面凸起珍珠纹路,清洁力更优秀!B面丝滑平纹,细腻呵护皮肤。做到了清洁护肤二合为一。非常有效的促进面部污垢,温和促进肌肉吸收。 🧏‍♀️柔韧加厚,湿水不易破。交叉铺网的工艺,不轻易掉棉絮!可反复使用几次,用完洗脸可以洗洗擦手。擦完手想丢弃,可以再擦拭洗手台面。 🧏‍♀️非常亲肤!普通洗脸,卸妆匀适用! 🧏‍♀️防水式PE袋,不惧潮湿!密封束口,非常卫生! 🧏‍♀️断点设计,一次一张。提取也十分方便:推动卷芯就能轻易抽取。 用上就会爱上❤️再看看这养眼的颜值! 绝对物超所值,洗脸首选! # 为所爱 放肆嗨 #