A bowl of spicy hot pot wide noodles I added a little more hot sauce for the color of the photo. It is really too spicy. Those who eat spicy food and like sweet potato flour really want to try this wide flour. Each flour is very strong and not easy to break. One, it seems to have a unique appetite, for me it is too much sauce and too spicy. 😅😅😅 The package includes: wide noodles, seasoning soup package soy bean skin, red oil chili sauce. Method: Boil it in boiling water for about 5-10 minutes, then add the seasoning packet is the soybean soup base, then remove it and add an appropriate amount of spicy soup. It's too spicy for me, it's acceptable, but my family tried it and said that I can't eat chili oil at all. It's very spicy, hahaha, it's very enjoyable for me, but don't be spicy 😊😊 It is recommended that friends with heavy taste can try it. 👏 # 来亚米才知道的美食 # # 即食美味 #
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一碗激🔥辣火锅宽粉 为了拍照颜色加多了一点辣酱,真的太辣了,吃得辣和喜欢吃红薯粉的真的要试一试这个宽粉,每一条粉都十分劲道又不容易拉断,又透明的一款,看起来特有食欲,对我来讲就是下太多酱太辣。😅😅😅 包装包括:宽粉,調味料料汤包黄豆豆皮,红油辣酱。 做法:在开水里煮5-10分钟左右,然后加入调味料包是黄豆汤底再捞出来加入适量的辣汤汁, 对我来说太辣了,可以接受,但是家属试了一口说根本吃不了辣油十分辣,,哈哈哈,对我香很过瘾,但是不要麻辣 😊😊 推荐重口味的朋友可以试试。👏# 来亚米才知道的美食 # # 即食美味 #