Looking forward to the stars, looking forward to the moon, I finally look forward to the first package 📦 Two more in two days😂Although my husband has already dismantled the crate for recycling. The dismantling is urgent. But that doesn't stop me from buying, buying, buying. 💰💰💰 Give them a group photo first. Too many tags and the picture is too small. I chose a few I think I can recommend it to everyone~ Want to know more. Please follow the queen 👑 I will serve you later Slow ~ slow ~ points ~ solution ~ it ~ they ~
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盼星星 盼月亮 终于盼到第一个包裹了📦 过两天再来两个😂虽然老公已经拆压箱子回收.拆急了. 但是也阻止不了我买买买的决心.💰💰💰 先给它们一个集体照.Tag太多 图片太小.我稍微选了几个 我觉得可以推荐给大家的玩意儿~ 想了解更多.请关注女王👑我稍后为你们 慢~慢~分~解~它~们~