💦A bottle in hand ~ have everything

Today, in order to give my friends an artifact of Amway.The queen must be very Great courage and wisdom to come to a toilet that someone just pulled💩

Come firstlook look The Queen edits the taste in the picture~

Do you smell anything?

Feel yourselves:

1⃣️During school term.Use the same toilet with roommates.AYou have a bad stomach. Crackling.Crackling a lot.Finally more comfortable.Open the door See.BYou are also waiting for the toilet. No matter who comes first.Both are embarrassing!

2⃣️Two couples just dating.Candlelight dinner🕯️.It was two people I'm going to start having sex~~ but the heroine's stomach is suddenly a little uncomfortable..I also go to the toilet to crackle< span class="s2">.Crazy..But she doesn't Knowing that the male protagonist actually wants to have a little romance in the toilet.Passionate.BUTYou say this smell~ is it ruining the atmosphere

There are many similar embarrassing scenes.Sorry scenes.Have you had a similar situation?

It's okay! NextComeThe Queen introduces a scent that will help you solve all your scents! A toilet device like never before.That's< span class="s3">🌟🌟Kobayashi Pharmaceutical A drop of deodorant Meta🌟🌟

How does this name sound.Is it aggressive< span class="s2">.One drop.One drop Remove all meaning.

The Queen bought the mint flavor.It smells fresh and not pungent.It's not the same level of fresh air as you usually spray toilets.. span>

In fact, its principle is to drop a drop directly into the toilet.You can Quickly form a thin film on the water surface.to effectively block the odor in the toilet from the water surface.At the same time, it has a faint minty scent~but let's be honest.< /span>The mint I chose is very mild.Because I don't like too much Strong. (but they have a lot of different scent lines.According to your personal preference) So it's not the kind of smelling the toilet right away.Wait It will start to smell in a while.But it will definitely stop the toilet from smelling right away~

There is also a drop of deodorant.not only can be used in Toilet deodorization.It can also inhibit bacteria (inhibit the proliferation of bacteria in toilet water) anyway (remove the unpleasant smell of the sewer on cloudy days) ).Really versatile.Small bottle is also convenient to carry.Each time only1-2Drip lasting use .In the future, even if you go out and use the public toilet, you will not be afraid of odors.👍

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先来look look 女王编辑图片里的味道~






没关系!接下来女王介绍一款帮你解决所有气味!一款前所未有的厕所神器.那就是🌟🌟小林制药 一滴消臭元🌟🌟




还有要说的是一滴消臭元.不仅可以用在厕所除臭.还可以抑制细菌(抑制马桶水细菌上泛泛)反正反味(去除下水道阴天反味).真的是功能多多.小小的一瓶携带也方便.每次只要1-2滴 持久使用.以后就算出门用公共厕所也不怕异味了.👍