# 摸着良心来种草啦 # Greedy Moment|Crispy Guoba meets Sichuan spicy taste ✨Spicy friends can be washed, super delicious heavy snacks ✨ Guoba Xingren, said that this taste is very 🉑️, full of Sichuan flavor A bag of Guoba snacks that I collected together turned out to be the C-rank of this snack High-quality millet, washed and lightly soaked, and then steamed in a pot, it has a good taste in childhood Selection of Sichuan millet peppers, super authentic Sichuan spicy flavor, spicy and enjoyable The high-quality rattan peppers are delicious, with a characteristic numbing fragrance, the more you eat, the more spicy you are, but you can't stop The rice cake itself is very crispy, and it feels like a snack when I was a child. The highlight of feeling the rice cake is its seasoning, spicy taste, unique flavor Moderately spicy, you can taste the spice aroma of chili and pepper in one bite It is very suitable for eating when watching variety shows and thriller and suspense movies. The more you chew, the more delicious The weight of a bag is very large, the price is not expensive, and the price is very high It has been added to the list of must-have snacks for variety shows
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yami_featured_image # 摸着良心来种草啦 # 馋嘴一刻|脆香锅巴碰上川辣口味 ✨辣口小伙伴们可冲,超级好吃的重口零食✨ 锅巴星人,表示这个味道很🉑️,川味十足 凑单的一袋锅巴零食,结果成为了本次零食的C位 优质小米,清洗淡泡,再上锅蒸煮,早就童年好味 甄选四川小米椒,超级地道的川辣香味,香辣过瘾 上等藤椒入味,特色麻香,越吃越辣,却也停不下来 锅巴本身非常酥脆,感觉是小时候的零食滋味 感觉锅巴的亮点是其调味,香辣口味,独特风味 麻辣适中,一口下去可以吃到辣椒和花椒的香料香味 非常适合看综艺和惊悚悬疑电影时食用,越嚼越有味 一袋的分量很足,价格也不贵,性价比很高 已经添加为刷剧综艺必备馋嘴零食清单List