Taro Crisp|YYDS|Yami closed his eyes and entered the cake The fragrant glutinousness of taro and the layers of crispy skin taste just right Mochi mixed with taro paste inside, not too sweet or too greasy It's really the best in shortbread (personal feeling) Every time you enter, you have to put in a few boxes to store it up. Packaging and very decent It is also very decent to give gifts during the festival But every time I enter, I think about giving it away In the end, it all went into my stomach # 亚米宝藏新品大赏 #
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芋头酥|YYDS|亚米闭眼入酥饼 芋头的香糯和一层层的酥皮口感融合得刚刚好 麻薯混合芋蓉内陷 不会过甜过腻 真的是酥饼中的极品(个人感觉) 每次入都要入个几盒囤着才放心 包装和很得体 逢年过节送礼也是很体面的 不过我每次入的时候想着送人 最后都是入了自己的肚子# 亚米宝藏新品大赏 #