I have been planting grass for facial massage, but it is too expensive. It's rare to see Yami spike for the first time, I've adjusted the alarm clock, and I'll go up and have a look soon. I thought I couldn't get it myself, When I grabbed the order and called a friend, it was over Killed after 13 minutes. Finally got one at 28 fold. I received it two days after I placed the order, Yami is now sending a text message to remind me to receive the package Very convenient, take it to the sun 🌞 to charge it as soon as you receive it, After using it, I don't feel that there is a micro-current feeling, and I don't know if I have made a mistake. ReFa's CAXA RAY is platinum and waterproof. I did some homework. They have two different types of massagers. I think I like this type of scraper for my big face. . What makes this beauty tool unique? It utilizes solar microcurrent technology to reduce facial tension and puffiness. Plus, it features rollers that create a dual action massage for deep stress relief. # 亚米年度美妆大赏 # # 为所爱 放肆嗨 # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translationdf10271408e3412268d4
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一直种草脸部按摩,就是太贵了, 难得一见第一次参加亚米秒杀, 我调教好闹钟,差不到就上去看看 我以为我自己抢不到了, 当我抢完下单叫上朋友的时候已经完了 13分钟后秒杀完。终于以28折入了一个。 下单后两天收到了,亚米现在就短信提醒收包裹 很方便,收到后第一时间拿去太阳🌞下充电, 用了不觉得有微电流感觉,不知道是不是自己哪里出错呢。 ReFa 的 CAXA RAY 是铂金又防水,做了一些功课,他家有两种不同类型按摩器,我觉得自己脸大就喜欢这种刮板型,功效是可减少明显的老化迹象,皮肤焕发年轻光彩。 是什么让这款美容工具与众不同? 它利用太阳能微电流技术减轻面部紧绷和浮肿。 此外,它还配有滚轮,可产生双重动作按摩,带来深层舒缓压力。# 亚米年度美妆大赏 # # 为所爱 放肆嗨 # # 我抢到的秒杀 #