# 年货好物种草指南 # Greedy Moment|The morning after the holiday🍰Sweet cake moment ✨After the festival, I just want to stay in bed and don't want to get up early to make breakfast at all ✨ So this Ranli handmade cake that was planted in the photo-sharing area before I came to check in I feel like in the pictures, more recommended milk fungus-flavored tiger skin cakes and original-flavored cakes Originally, I also wanted to punch the tiger skin cake, but I found this red velvet I was attracted by its appearance. There are three flavors in this series. Barley Waffle, Red Velvet and Chocolate Cake The price is not expensive, 2-3 dollars a piece, moderate size, very suitable for breakfast I feel that the whole cake is very soft, and the entrance is not sweet at all You don’t need special coffee or hot tea, you can eat it easily As a salty star, it means that the sweetness is just acceptable The cake itself will be a little thick, so the taste is very full The cake body is soft and tough, with a layer of light sauce sandwiched in the middle I can't taste the taste of red velvet cake, the taste of the cake is extra
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yami_featured_image # 年货好物种草指南 # 馋嘴一刻|假期后的清晨🍰甜口蛋糕时刻 ✨过完节,只想赖床,完全不想早起做早餐✨ 于是来打卡之前在晒图区被种草的这款然利手工蛋糕 感觉晒图中,比较多的推荐乳菌味虎皮蛋糕以及原味蛋糕 原本也是想要打卡虎皮蛋糕,但是刷到这款红丝绒 便被它的颜值所吸引了,这个味道系列共有三款 大麦若叶蛋糕、红丝绒蛋糕以及巧克力蛋糕 价格也不贵,2-3刀一个,个头适中,很适合当早餐 感觉整个蛋糕很松软,而且入口也完全不会甜腻 不需要专门搭配咖啡或是热茶,都可以轻松食用 作为咸口星人,表示这个甜度刚刚好可接受的程度 蛋糕本身会有些厚实,因而口感很充实 蛋糕体口感松软有韧性,中间有夹入一层淡淡的酱 吃不出什么红丝绒蛋糕的味道,蛋糕的口感加分