# 2022双节快乐 # March 3rd is the Japanese Doll's Day Pray for the healthy growth of my daughter Although we do not have such a festival But praying for the daughter is the wish of parents all over the world But we have Girls' Day on 3🈷️7th I bought this candy because I wanted to try Japanese holiday candy It's a little blessing for my daughter When I received it, I found out that the box of candy was only the size of a palm. The outer box is foam and painted with Japanese-style patterns There are flower, butterfly, peach, baby, fan, cube and prism candies inside. The tri-color prism is an imitation of the girl's day food diamond cake Ryobi itself is a rice cake, and the three colors represent different meanings Pink represents exorcism and peach blossoms Green represents longevity and health White represents purity This box of candies is fudge with glutinous rice flour added candy crumbs So there is some sticky rustling taste No flavors added, so it's just sugary But because of the cute shape Daughter still loves it 💕 but for me The price of $18.99 is IQ tax 😅
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yami_featured_image # 2022双节快乐 # 每年3月3日是日本女儿节 祈愿祝福家中女儿健康成长 虽然我们没有这种节日 但是为女儿祈福是天下父母的心愿 但我们有3🈷️7日的女生节呀 买了这款糖果既是想尝一下日式节日糖果 也算是送女儿的小祝福 收到的时候才发现原来这盒糖只有巴掌大小 外盒是泡沫 画满了日式风格的花纹 里面糖果有花型、蝴蝶型、桃子型、宝宝型、扇型、立方体型和棱形的 三色棱形的是仿制女儿节食品菱饼 菱饼本身是年糕 三色代表了不同意义 粉色代表驱魔与桃花 绿色代表长寿与健康 白色代表纯洁 这盒糖果是加入糯米粉的软糖 外面包了糖粒 所以有一些粘粘沙沙的口感 没有加添香料 所以是单纯的糖味 但因造型可爱 女儿还是很喜欢💕 但对于我来说 $18.99的价格是交了智商税了😅