The best hand-cranked milk tea in North America🔥It’s hard to bear if it’s not hot😭‼ ️ Big data push this to the sisters who love to drink milk tea, okay? ! This is the best hand-cranked milk tea I've ever had in New York 😭 The absolute treasure milk tea is not allowed you don't know yet‼ ️ I don't like milk tea shop so much! ! Real name push? ! From the packaging to the taste, it's all online 😭 You can drink it for a lifetime! The tea bags are made of raw leaf tea, so the taste is more mellow! When you drink the tea, the overall feeling is very high-end, and the packaging is very national! A cup of bubble milk tea in the store costs more than 500 calories, okay? ? This is only 270 and it is considered a very low calorie 😭 It is delicious and not fat! I love Four Seasons Spring and Morning Dew, and it's easy to brew! ! Wouldn't you like to drink milk tea anytime, anywhere? ? ! # 高颜值美食 # # 摸着良心来种草啦 # # 年货好物种草指南 # # 2022双节快乐 #
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北美最好喝的手摇奶茶🔥不火简直天理难容😭‼️ 大数据把这条推给爱喝奶茶的姐妹好吗?! 这真是我在纽约喝过zui好喝的手摇奶茶😭 绝对的宝藏奶茶不允许你们还不知道‼️ 奶茶店的我都没这么爱喝!!实名推好吗?! 从包装到味道它都很在线😭可以喝一辈子! 茶包用的都是原叶茶,所以味道比较醇厚! 喝的到茶香整体感觉就很高级,包装很国风! 店里一杯珍珠奶茶都要500多卡了好吗?? 这个才270已经算是很低卡😭好喝不胖啊! 四季春和晨露我都很爱,而且冲泡很方便!! 随时随地都能喝到奶茶你们不心动吗??! # 高颜值美食 # # 摸着良心来种草啦 # # 年货好物种草指南 # # 2022双节快乐 #