Surprise❓Accident❗️Eight-treasure porridge 😅 The foodie just received the order today. I really don't know what to eat at night, so I opened a can of eight-treasure porridge with oatmeal, which is mainly oatmeal, oatmeal, peanuts, two kinds of beans, water and brown sugar. It is a low-calorie (269) food to satisfy hunger. The taste is very smooth. The ingredients in it are relatively sufficient, the sweetness is moderate, and the taste of peanuts is not very heavy. At the end, I saw a big longan! You can only ask yourself: Are you surprised? Are you surprised? ‼ ️It is recommended that students who are allergic to peanuts or other ingredients should not try it. ❗️You must also refer to the food nutrition label when purchasing.
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驚喜❓意外❗️八寶粥😅吃貨今天剛剛收到的訂單,晚上實在不知道吃什麼,所以開了一罐加了燕麥的八寶粥,裡面主要是燕麥,麥片,花生,兩種豆子,水和紅糖。屬於低卡路里(269)充飢食品, 口感很順滑,裡面的配料比較充足,甜度適中,花生的味道不是很重,吃到最後看到一個很大的桂圓!只能問自己:驚不驚喜?意不意外?‼️建議對花生過敏或其他配料過敏的同學請不要嘗試,❗️選購時還須參考食品營養標籤。