# 2022年中大促囤货指南 # Japan ORIHIRO Low Calorie Slimming Konjac Jelly Grape Flavor 130g. I didn't find this one in the tag search, but there are other models of the same brand, which are also grape flavored anyway, so I added it. This one is much stronger than the apple-flavored one (the one in Figure 3, to avoid lightning!), although it also has a strange sugar smell? But it's not obvious. Apple-flavored things may not be easy to make, and the apple-flavored cici jelly made by Xizhilang is also very sweet, and others are delicious. In fact, my family has no need to eat low-calorie food, and will not buy this series again (mainly because Dian Bin thinks this is not as delicious as Xizhilang). (twenty two)
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yami_featured_image # 2022年中大促囤货指南 # 日本ORIHIRO 低卡纤体蒟蒻果冻 葡萄味 130g。tag搜索里没出来这款,倒是出了同一个牌子的别的款,反正也是葡萄味,我就加上了。这款要比苹果味的强太多了(就是图3那个,要避雷!),虽然也有一丢丢奇怪的糖味儿?但是并不明显。苹果味的东西可能都不好做,喜之郎做的苹果味的cici果冻也齁甜的,别的就很好喝。我家其实没有什么非要吃低卡东西的需求,不会再买这个系列了(主要是呆斌觉得这个没有喜之郎好喝)。(22)