# Summerskincare # is there anyone like me I feel at ease when I see 50+ and PA on sunscreens ➕ this sunscreen is unlike any other because sunscreen because it is a combination of setting spray + sunscreen effect I have used other sunscreens in the past as setting spray. It works as sunscreen but not for setting spray. Often times it melts my makeup. Especially in the hot summer. It has hyaluronic acid, etc… and other whitening and moisturizing ingredients Meaning, it could be used besides a makeup setting spray. It can be used as a moisturizing spray. In addition to setting makeup and sun protection, it is Colorless, fragrance-free, Mineral Oil Free Formula appeals to me even more The fragrance is refreshing citrus aroma, although the ingredients are safe, But not a parent-child spray, this is not a children’s spray, For adult use only