It's my first time to eat camellia tea! This beef bone marrow oil tea, first of all, I think it has a very strong taste! There are 10 small bags in a big bag, one bag is 40g, brew with about 200-250ml of boiling water, if you like thinner, add more water. Or if you like it thicker, add less water and make it thicker. But I think it's too thick and a little salty! There are also crushed peanuts, sesame seeds, melon seeds, wolfberry, etc. After brewing, it feels like the rice cereal I ate at home when I was a child 🤭 It's really good to have a bowl in the morning, especially in winter, I feel better! # 亚米测评 # # 美味测评 #
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南方人的我第一次吃油茶! 这款牛骨髓油茶,首先我觉得它🐮味挺重的! 一大袋里头有10小袋,一袋40g,用200-250ml左右开水冲泡,喜欢更稀一点的就再多加点水。或者喜欢重口的,就少添点水,更稠。 不过我觉得太稠就偏咸了点! 里面还有花生碎、芝麻、瓜籽、枸杞等,冲泡好后感觉像小时候家里吃的米糊🤭 早上来一碗真的很不错呀,特别要是冬天,我就觉得感觉更好啦! # 亚米测评 # # 美味测评 #