# BlackFriYay! # This cookie should be the best cookie I have eaten in recent years. There are three flavors in one box: Original, Coffee, and Matcha. The cookies are small and cute, fluffy and melt in the mouth. It is the legendary softness that is so crisp that it will fall off when you touch it. The original butter flavor is very strong, and the coffee flavor has a hint of bitterness, which is more layered than the original flavor. The matcha flavor is that you can eat pure matcha powder in the ingredients. The sweetness is moderate, the ingredient list is simple and clean, and there are no additives such as trans fats and artificial colors. Some people may think that this cookie is a bit dry to eat. It is recommended to put it in the refrigerator for a few hours before eating. It really feels like eating ice cream. There are a total of five products under the AKOKO brand on Yamibuy, all of which are sold out now, and I look forward to replenishing them soon.