Super recommended for mothers~ Children especially like to use this meal suggestion for babies who eat complementary food. They sometimes lift the bowl or something. With this, no matter how much tossing it, he can't lift it. Moms don't have to worry about spilling all over the place. ~ I also bought a mini version for my daughter, she is 6 months old and can "toss" it right away 😂
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超级推荐给宝妈们~ 孩子特别喜欢用这个吃饭 建议给吃辅食的宝宝们 他们有时会掀碗啥的 有了这个再怎么折腾 他也掀不起来 妈妈们再也不用担心洒得到处都是了~ 还给我女儿买了一个迷你版的 她6个月了 马上就可以“折腾”了😂