As a taste of racing against time, mustard can not only be used as a quick side dish in boring time, but also can be used as a delicate and high-quality condiment. How refined? Small but delicate! When I put it in the porridge that is slowly boiled with fine rice, I will chop it into very small mustard paste, drop a drop or two of sesame oil on the bottom of the plate, and put it when the porridge is full... When the big bubbles roll out, your mustard has been gently covered the whole bowl of porridge! dang dang dang
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榨菜作为一种与时间赛跑的味道,既可以作为无聊时光的快手小菜,自然也可以当成精致的高逼格佐料。如何精致?小而精嘛!放在用细米慢慢熬成的粥里面的时候,我会把它剁成非常小的榨菜蓉,稍稍在碟子底滴上一两滴香油,放在粥已经满满滚起来的时候……等到滚出了大泡泡,你的榨菜已经温柔地布满了整碗粥! 当当当当