This Hawthorn Liuwu Paste lollipop is really great. Children are prone to overeating, and once overeating, they are prone to fever. Hawthorn can help digestion very well~ Eating hawthorn directly is too sour and children don’t like it, but it’s made into a stick Sugar is different, the sweetness and sourness are just right, soft and waxy, sour and sweet, and the shape is also very cute and changeable, so children can't put it down! Chicken recommended! A must for those with babies! It doesn't taste that sweet, the sweet and sour taste is very clear, it tastes like hawthorn and maltose, and the list of ingredients is also very clean, I love it. # 方家铺子 # # 亚米爆笑晒单 #
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这款山楂六物膏棒棒糖真的很棒,小孩子容易积食,一积食容易发烧,山楂能很好的助消化哦~直接吃山楂太酸小孩都不太爱吃,但是做成棒棒糖就不一样啦,酸甜度正正好哟,软糯酸甜,造型也很可爱多变让孩子们爱不释手!吃鸡推荐!有宝宝的必入哦!吃起来没有那么甜,酸酸甜甜很清口,是山楂和麦芽糖的味道,配料表也很干净,爱了爱了。# 方家铺子 # # 亚米爆笑晒单 #