Candy candy! This uha milk candy is not hard, it tastes 100% milk, and it can't be bitten. When I'm bored, I feel like I'm healthy enough to drink milk. The drool in Figure 2 is a childhood obsession, with a total of 4 flavors, orange, grape, cantaloupe, apple. But honestly it tastes the same. In the end, the price is really good. After buying it, I just want to say something to my childhood: In the next, the rich can rival the country. 😛😛😛😛
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糖糖糖! 这个uha牛奶糖非是硬的,百分百牛奶味道,咬不碎。无聊的时候来一颗感觉自己很健康得喝了牛奶。 图二的流口水是童年的执念,一共4个口味,橘子葡萄哈密瓜苹果。但是说实话都一个味。最后,这个价格真的太划算了,买完以后只想对小时候的我说一句: 在下,富可敌国。😛😛😛😛